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All the benefits of the web version of Chai cloud, packed inside a desktop application. Chai Studio is desktop app for designing and prototyping websites.


  • Predefined Blocks:
    Save yourself days & weeks of UI development time. We give you all the UI you need. All blocks are fully responsive and come with light & dark mode.
  • My UI Library
    Speed up development by creating reusable UI blocks and use them on multiple websites.
  • Export website / pages
    Export ready to deploy website directly from application. You can export an entire website or a single page.
  • Offline Mode:
    No internet? No worries. Chai Studio works in fully offline mode.
  • Export code snippets:
    Export anything from your page. Be a single element or an entire page. Copy HTML snippets for Laravel, Rails, & Web Frameworks or React/Vue components directly into your codebase.
  • Always Up to Date
    Chai Studio updates automatically, so you always have the latest version. New release updates every month, filled with new features, components, improvements and bug fixes.

Upcoming features:

  • HTML code editing support
  • Backup Chai websites to cloud
  • Builder editing experience enhancement ( Ongoing )


v1.0.6 - 7th July, 2023 ( Latest)
- FIXED: Export issue with React projects
- ADDED: Clear whole canvas button
- ADDED: New google font - Bruno Ace SC
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

v1.0.5 - 13th June, 2023
- FIXED: Incorrect asset url in export HTML on Windows
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

v1.0.4 - 12th June, 2023
- UPDATED: Export as HTML files instead of ZIP
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

v1.0.3 - 7th June, 2023
- ADDED: ReactJS, Next, Remix export project options
- ADDED: Block rename action simplified
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

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Standard version:
Standard is the perfect tool for developers, designers and individuals with interest in web development. 1 year FREE updates.

Lifetime version:
Lifetime is a special version of our app. It has all powerful features and you will receive every new version for free, forever.

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Export website/page
Chai UI Library blocks
Export code snippets
HTML, React, Vue
Offline Mode
Build Your UI Library


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Chai Studio - Desktop App

14 ratings
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