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Chai Builder Credits

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Chai Builder Credits

Chai Builder
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Credit Packs - Chai Builder

Introducing Credit Packs - the convenient new way to export your website projects with Chai Builder. Whether you only need to export occasionally or you're on a tight budget, Credit Packs offer the flexibility you need to get the job done.

With Chai Builder's Credit Packs, you can purchase a bundle of credits and redeem them whenever you're ready to export your projects. Our credits system is easy to understand:

  • Single HTML page = 1 credit
  • Static multipage website = 2 credits
  • Framework projects( NextJS, Remix & more) = 2 credits

Credit Packs are a great alternative to monthly subscriptions, so you don't have to commit to a long-term plan if you don't need it. You can buy the credits you need when you need them, without worrying about recurring charges.

Need help or have questions? Our team is here for you. Visit our website at chaibuilder.com or reach out to us on Twitter. We're always happy to assist you with anything you need.

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